Who are the gypsy whisky boys?

Friends destined for business partnership.

Louis Duckett and Jack Lark have both been producing spirits for years and have known each other for even longer. It could be said it was destiny that these two would end up business partners. From an early age both Louis and Jack were exposed to whisky, Jack's father being the founder of what is now the modern distilling era in Australia, and Louis' father Tim who runs one of the largest independent bottlers in Tasmania.

How Bill and Tim met.

Who really cares, this is about Louis and Jack.

The Bald One

Louis has worked with whisky since 2015 for his fathers independent bottling company. In the years since he's worked closely with many breweries, cooperages, and distilleries learning the involved processes of fermentation, distillation, coopering, and maturation.

Australian Junior Master Chef Season One Runner Up

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